Top TripFinder - React Hotel Listing Template

Top TripFinder - React Hotel Listing Template: Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, Compatible With: ReactJS

Fastest template built with React, NextJS, Context API, & Styled-Components. Its very easy to use, comes with readymade beautiful components. Build your amazing react app with this template. Both Create React App and Next Js versions are available.

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Change Log

v3.0.1 December 19, 2021
 - Minor style fixing on home page hero banner
v3.0.0 November 29, 2021
- React Router Dom v6 support
- Removed React Loadable package and added React Lazy & Suspense support
- Next js 12.0.4 support
- Latest antd and styled-component support
- React Hook Form updated from v5 to v7
- Removed unwanted npm packages and update all npm packages to the latest version
- Folder structure updated, container is now containers
- Code is much cleaner than before, especially in hotel router
- Updated dev & build performance
v2.2.0 August 10, 2021
- @react-google-maps/api library added for maps
- react-google-map library removed
- recompose package removed
- React.js version updated to latest version
- Next.js version updated to latest version
- Next.js map error issue fixed
- Style issues fixed
- 2x faster performance
February 13, 2020
- minor package updated
- Next.js 10.0.6 support
- assets folder deleted. Current static assets source is public (for hotel & hotel-next)
- hotel-next images are now next/image supported
v2.0.0 June 10, 2020
Tripfinder v2 change log:
- antd v3 to v4.
- Next.js 9.3 support
- formik and yup are replaced by react-hook-form.
- folder structure updated like SignIn, SIgnUP and ForgetPassword are now in Auth folder under container.
- removed Antd component folder. Now you can import any antd component directly from node-modules.
- added focus state for input fields.
- main layout is now under 1920px.
- code is now much cleaner than before. Especially map and forms.

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