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What? NFT showcase plugin. Make a showcase for your NFT collection on your website. Create an NFT collection and start selling on your own website, earn royalties for every sale of your NFT on your site or another marketplace (like opensea.io or rarible.com)


[EXCLUSIVE] Lazy mint! Free minting! You don’t pay anything when creating NFTs!
- Users can buy NFTs using MetaMask
- Set price for NFT in ETH or ERC20 tokens
- Another user can buy NFT paying the price
- ERC721, collectibles
- Fully compatible with another marketplace, buyers can resell your NFTs on opensea.io, etc…
- Only one collection available

Roadmap (features planned but not ready yet)

- [Work in progress] Auction
- [Work in progress] History
- [Work in progress] User’s profile (list of NFTs user own)
- [Work in progress] Allow every user to create collection (marketplace mode)

How to install
- Install NFT plugin to your WordPress
- Add [nft_view_shortcode] to a page where to show catalog. Example: https://nft.wpmix.net/
- In the admin panel -> NFTs -> Add nft

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