Excellent Ritualhealing Musician Template HTML5 CSS3

Excellent Ritualhealing Musician Template HTML5 CSS3: Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Ritual Healing Musician Template

Here is my Ritual Healing Musician template which is my 4th band template I hope you like it. This template has 13 cool pages, I used a lot of JS animations to make this template stand out, and have very smooth animations hehe. It looks like flash but it ain’t.

It is a dark theme but could be customized very easily by changing png images and simple color changes in the css. Comes with a help file that should explain all the parts of the template and how to make it your own. Peace Out, The next template is gonna be a nice Photography Template so stayed tuned….

Credits Go To:

The Band and AEDADDY

Band Images Used in the preview:

Thanks to Corey from Ritual Healing for letting me use Their Band images in the preview Check out Ritual Healing’s Facebook Page

Videos Used in the preview:

Check out this dude’s awesome work here AEDADDY
Song included in the download are my not yet released tunes.


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