Exceptional Outer Space Design - Professional Template v1

Exceptional Outer Space Design - Professional Template v1: Compatible Browsers: Firefox, IE6, IE7, Safari

This template is a very stylish and clean complete website template for Your company, portfolio or even your own blog. The usage of jquery achieves fantastic usability and style!

This is what You get:

  • Jquery: Header slide show with smooth image fade. Use as many images as You like.
  • Jquery: Falling drop down menu with nice looking animation.
  • Jquery: Accordion menu. Comes out when You click on the main item.
  • Jquery: Project Gallery with automatic pagination and the transition of Your choice. In this example it uses an amazing stack effect.
  • Jquery: tool tip for images. It creates the text automatically from the title of the image.
  • Jquery: A PHP contact form with intelligent form validation.
  • automatically attached drop shadows for the images.
  • A “welcome” page.
  • A “work” page with linked detail pages and unlimited images in the gallery.
  • A “blog” page.
  • A “contact” page.

A well documented help file and PSD is included too. I also made a lot of notes in the files so it’s easy for to fit it to Your needs. Feel free to drop me a mail if You have any questions!

Hope You like the file!

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