Excellent Inst - React Admin Template with GraphQL

Excellent Inst - React Admin Template with GraphQL: Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, Compatible With: ReactJS

Minimalist React Dashboard built with React, NextJS, TypeScript, GraphQL & Uber’s Base UI. Its very easy to use, we used GraphQL and type-graphql. This is a Next.js GraphQL powered admin dashboard. Used progressive web application pattern, highly optimized for your next react application. You can use it both for Dashboard and Public pages for your web applications. Available in both Light and Dark mode.

Dark Mode Available!!!

To activate the Dark mode, Click on the profile image at the right corner and you will find the ‘Dark Mode’ in Dropdown.

Note: please note that, This is not a HTML template. It’s React Dashboard template built using Next.js Framework.

P.S. Design inspiration taken from Now.sh

Built with

- Next JS, React Apollo and GraphQL are used.
- All components are written in TypeScript.
- Monorepo Supported with Lerna Configuration.
- SSR support for building highly scalable apps.
- Uber's BaseUi
- React Big Calendar

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01 September 2021
- Bump all packages.
- Replace `next.config.js env` by `.env.local`.
- Update apollo config to support client side fetching.
- Replace render blocking css.
- fix design issues.
- Integrate baseUI grid system.
- Improve lighthouse score.
09 September 2020, v3.0.0
- Updated all packages/libraries.
- Replace `next.config.js env` by `.env.local`.
- Update apollo config to support client-side fetching.
- Replace render-blocking CSS.
- fix design issues.
- Integrate baseUI grid system.
- Improve the lighthouse score.
16 June 2020, v2.0.0
- Next.js updated to v9.3.6 https://nextjs.org/blog/next-9-3
- BaseUI version updated https://baseweb.design/
- New Chat UI included
- Chat Bot feature added
- library version updated
- Design issues fixed
- Faster Performance than before
- Mobile performance improved
- Responsive design issues fixed
14 June 2020, v1.0.1
- .gitignore file added
- responsive issues fixed
- size reduced for frontend package

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