Good FreshCMS an almost complete CMS skin

Good FreshCMS an almost complete CMS skin: High Resolution: No, Compatible Browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Columns: 1

Tired and bored by all of the basic admin skins here, well there is a solution and it’s called FreshCMS. Amaze your clients with this CMS skin!

FreshCMS is a fresh kind of skin/theme, there is no similar kind of skin/theme here on ThemeForest! This skin/theme is almost complete(about 80%). This means that you can save some time in designing and building of a CMS. FreshCMS is packed with jQuery stuff like toggle, styleswitcher, delete content, sortable and more.

I have used 2 iconpacks(for small and big), both are free. These iconpacks have lots of useful icons in diffirent sizes. Links included!

Take a look at the screenshots or live preview.

Included the D-FreshCMS theme as a bonus!

Updated to FreshCMS v1.2 (05-12-09)

Now you can choose if on load only the first box is open and the rest closed or that all boxes are open on load.

FreshCMS has been updated to v1.1 (24-07-09)

  • remember to hide or show hidden topmenu (users choice)
  • sortable table
  • popup dialog box
  • enhanced layout
  • better graphics
  • 900px layout

About the FreshCMS theme

  • almost finished CMS
  • almost everything works
  • comes in 6 colors styles(more is comming)
  • 6 styles of login pages
  • styleswitcher
  • working jQuery delete boxes/dialogs
  • working drag and drop(sortables)
  • password meter
  • select multiplecheckboxes
  • working WYSIWYG editor
  • easy to customise
  • valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • working lightbox
  • jQuery pngfix
  • jQuery fade effect
  • layerd PSD files
  • Supported by allbrouwsers
  • login page
  • jQuery tabs
  • jQuery tooltips
  • mass toggle
  • error fields
  • nice statistics examples
  • highlight a row
  • custom dialogs
  • sliced code(for php includes)
  • table free