Wondrous DashLite - Bootstrap Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

DashLite - Bootstrap Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

DashLite - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard for Situation Tracker

DashLite - SAAS, Subscription Application Dashboard

DashLite - Cryptocurrency, Crypto Buy Sell, Wallet Dashboard Template

DashLite - Cyrpto Investment, HYIP Investment Dashboard Template

DashLite - Admin Dashboard Template Features

Prebuilt pages for DashLite Admin Dashboard Template

Ready to use Widgets for Dashlite Admin Dashboard Template

DashLite - Custom Handmade SVG Icons

DashLite - Nioicon - Handcrafted icon set

DashLite - Bootstrap Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

DashLite – Bootstrap Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Softnio introducing a powerful admin dashboard template that especially build for developers and programmers. DashLite comes with all kind of components, necessary elements and pre-build pages including exclusive 3 conceptual apps (Crypto Buy Sell, Crypto Wallet, HYIP Investment & SAAS Subscription) that helps you to create your web apps or application faster.

It also included standard application layout such as File Manager, Chats, Support Tickets, Inbox application. These are helps you build your application so quickly and more useful.

An overview of DashLite – is fully clean and premium designed admin template which included beautiful hand-crafted components & elements. DashLite completely focusing on conceptual base apps or dashboard, as it’s equipped with pre-built screens.

Create your web application amazing and more professional with this super user-friendly dashboard template. DashLite comes with all essential features that always you or your developers looking for.

DashLite – Admin Template Features

  • Conceptual/Functional Apps based layout.
  • Pre-built and Ready to use application pages.
  • Tons of readymade components and elements
  • Fully responsive Layout and well optimized.
  • General Dashboard for any purpose use-case.
  • Listing (User, Transaction, KYC) & Details pages.
  • Nice layout for user profile and user details (admin view) page.
  • Supported any modern browser including cross-browser compatibility.
  • Free premium support for first 6 months.
  • Clean, modern, great UI interface including UX.
  • Handmade custom icons to serve exact purpose.
  • Hand-crafted Font icons, specially designed for DashLite.
  • Multiple Applications layout available as File Manager, Inbox, Messages and more
  • Regular update and introduce new features and concepts
  • And many more features available

Ecommerce Dashboard – Conceptual App

Do you want to develop Ecommerce back-end dashboard? Our Ecommerce Dashboard template helps you to build your admin/ back-end panel. Our use-case demo make you feel how your new dashboard look like. It’s included necessary components and widgets which gives you ultimate power.


  • Included Standalone 9+ complete pages.
  • Products, Orders, Customer Listing pages.
  • Other pages as Customer details, setting etc.
  • 2 Different dashboard layout
  • Very clean & elegant design.

Subscription Dashboard – Conceptual App

Working on your subscription based SAAS application and looking for Dashboard? Subscription Dashboard provides you super clean & minimalist design with ultimate flexibility, you’ll be able to build app without any hassle.


  • Included Standalone 20+ complete screens.
  • Complete Design from user perspective.
  • Manage subscription, Payment history with invoice.
  • Ticket listing with follow up message.
  • Faq and support page with details.
  • Exclusive modal for edit profile and subscription option.
  • Nice and very clean design.

Crypto Buysell/Wallet Dashboard – Conceptual App

Use the Crypto Dashboard for your next cryptocurrency based wallet or buy-sell dashboard. It’s wrap with 12+ pre-built screens that is not only developer friendly and easy to build your apps but save your time to create stunning looking user panel.


  • Nice dashboard design with welcome screen.
  • Ready layout for Profile and Account management.
  • Manage wallet/assets with Order listing layout.
  • Buy / Sell or complete order procedure steps.
  • Fully responsive with well optimized each screen.
  • KYC / Identity Verification form layout.

HYIP Investment Dashboard – Conceptual App

Make your Investment (HYIP) Dashboarda more professional with this awesome dashboard template. It’s included 12+ pre-built screens that incredibly power your application.


  • Nice dashboard design for investor panel.
  • Welcome screen / complete registration page layout.
  • User Profile and Account management layout.
  • Investment active schemes and each scheme details
  • KYC/AML Form / Identity Verification process.
  • Full investment procedure for investor.
  • Stylish and clean popup design

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard – Situation Tracker

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020. You may want to build situation tracker for Coronavirus. Our design helps you to create a dashboard very quickly for Covid-19.


  • Included Standalone 5+ complete pages.
  • Symptoms, Prevention & FAQs pages
  • Separate Country listing page with Map
  • Country based details with Modal.
  • Optimized and necessary widget for statistics.
  • Use case chart design for Coronavirus.
  • Nice and very clean design.

Messages (Support Tickets) Application

If you want to build application with manage your messages for support ticket then our modern application layout provide full flexibility and easier management.


  • User profile on right sidebar (hide anytime by simple one click)
  • Left side all messages list with infinity scroll based design.
  • Reply and private note added option in comment section.
  • Well optimized on each devices, specially on mobile screen.
  • Full-Screen with sticky header mode

Inbox (Mail) Application

If you want to create a mail application for emailing then our inbox application concept allows your develop that more easy as we try to cover necessary element.


  • Mail listing and details view
  • Nice editor layout typing message
  • All necessary element in editor
  • Message collapse option to hide older message
  • Label and content list components
  • Minimal and clear design layout
  • Well optimized for mobile devices.
  • Full-Screen with sticky header mode

Chats Application

Our Chat / Messenger application layout helps you to build chat and discussion platforms, as well as you make any live messaging application. We designed necessary component / element for chat application to meet your all needs.


  • 3 pre-built screens or pages as chat screens
  • Included team/group or channels view, contacts listing etc.
  • Contact/Friend List, Favorite Profile, Message listing
  • Chat Notification, Group Chat panel
  • Profile details with various options
  • Available in 2 different layouts as stand-alone and in boxed mode.

File Manager Application

Our new application concept of files manager helps you to build your file management system inside in your application, as well as you can build file hosted cloud application like dropbox. We included use-case pre-built pages and necessary component / element for file manager which is helps you to build your application very fast without any hassle.


  • 10+ pre-built screens or pages as setting, recovery, shared etc.
  • Use case popup design for details, move, copy, share files
  • 3 Different mode to display files as listing, small group and grid box view.
  • 20+ Nice and custom SVG icon available
  • Clear design and well optimized for any devices.
  • Available in 2 different layouts as stand-alone and in general layout.

What do you get?

  • All HTML Template files
  • Gulp Package & SCSS source file
  • Documentation/guide file


We provide support free for first 6 months from purchase date. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. Support requests receive during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next business day.

Please contact us via support tab, if you need any help or adding features that helps you to complete your project.

Sources and Credits

Bootstrap 4

jQuery Plugins (Javascript)
jQuery, DropzoneJs, Select2, SimpleBar, SweetAlert2, Toastr, DataTable, Bootstrap DatePicker, Bootstrap TimePicker, Chart JS, KnobJs, Clipboard, Slick Carousel, noUiSlider, Bootstrap Datepicker, jqvmap, tagify, jQuery Steps

Roboto (Google Fonts), Nunito (Google Fonts), DM Sans (Google Fonts), Nioicon (Softnio)

Custom Icons & Illustration
All custom icons and illustration fully hand-made by Softnio Team.

Changes log

v1.7.0 – 08 Jul, 2020

@In this version, we have introduce separate demo layout (Demo2) with eCommerce panel.

+ Complete new layout Demo2 added with new UI style.
+ Conceptual app Ecommerce added with Demo2 layout.
+ 2 Ecommerce dashoard layout added in Demo2.
+ All the application Chats, File Manager, Inbox etc adjusted in Demo2.
!! Updated script and styles files regarding changes.

v1.6.1 – 06 Jun, 2020

!+ Minor issues fixed in gulp compiling. 
!! If you using v1.6.0 and facing gulp compiling issues, please download latest version.

v1.6.0 – 20 May, 2020

@In this version, we have introduce Chats application.

+ New Application Chats added.
+ 2 Additional screens added for Chats including contacts list and channels/group chats.
+ Chats App added in General Dashboard layout.
+ Basic wizard form layout option added using jQuery Steps.
!! Updated script and styles files regarding changes.

v1.5.0 – 13 May, 2020

@In this version, we have introduce new concept as File Manager application with related screen.

+ New Application File Manager added.
+ 10 Additional screens added for File Manager including listing, grid and group view.
+ File Manager App added in General Dashboard layout too.
+ Added 2 More version of Authentication pages (Login, Register, Forgot etc).
+ Added height utility classes (Ui Elements > Utilities > Sizing).
+ 25+ custom SVG icons added related to file manager.
+ 40+ new icons added into Nioicon set.
!+ Menu alignment issues fixed in Inbox Application.
!+ Some of minor issues fixed (toggle, rs width).
!! Updated script and styles files regarding changes.
!! Updated Library and tested with latest version.

v1.4.0 – 08 Apr, 2020

@In this version, we have introduce new dashboard layout for Coronavirus Situation Tracker.

+ New Dashboard Coronavirus (COVID-19) added.
+ 4 Additional screens added for Coronavirus dashboard.
!+ Some of minor issues fixed.
!+ Move jqvmap.js to 'js/vendors' folder.
!! Updated script and styles files regarding changes.

v1.3.0 – 23 Mar, 2020

@In this version, we have introduce new Inbox (mail) Application layout.

+ New application Inbox (Mail) added.
+ Inbox (Mail) App added in General Dashboard layout too.
+ Added tagify jquery plugin for inbox apps in libs folder.
!+ Some minor issues fix as signin/signup form tabindex, flex-start, sourcemapping etc.
!! Updated script and styles files regarding changes.

** Breaking Changes: **
We changed file and folder structure in /js folder, as all the apps related js files moved to js/apps folder and renamed the file for easy maintain. You don't need to worry about this, if you are not upgrading from older to this version.

v1.2.0 – 13 Mar, 2020

@In this version, we have introduce two new dashboard (analytics, investment) in general dashboard part. Also pre-made color skins with main ui style.

+ Analytics Dashboard and Investment Dashboard added.
+ 5 pre made color skins (blue, egyptian, green, purple, red) added.
+ 3 new main UI style (clean, shady, softy) added.
+ New style (dark, theme, white, soft light) added for header and sidebar. Check out docs in themeing section for uses.
+ Added jqvmap jquery plugin for vector map in libs folder.
!+ Subscription aside scroll issue with large screen.
!! Updated script and styles files regarding changes.

** Breaking Changes: **
Changed folder structure for js files, as all the chart related js files moved to js/charts folder and renamed the file. You don't need to worry about this, if you are not upgrading form older to this version.

v1.1.0 – 26 Feb, 2020

@In this version, we have introduce modern message/ support ticket application layout. 

+ New separate layout with Messages (Support Ticket) App added
+ Messages (Support Ticket) App added in General Dashboard too
+ Email Templates added separately (10 files)
!+ Fixed tooltip issues in hover on element.
!+ Updated inner scrollbar style for SimpleBar plugin.
!! Updated script and styles files regarding changes.

18 Feb, 2020

Version - 1.0
Initial Released