Special Dark Business

Special Dark Business: Compatible Browsers: Firefox, IE6, IE7, Safari

This flexible template gives particular concern to customization, and to textual layout.

  • 3 coded color schemes
  • 2 added .psd schemes
  • Easy-to-customize psd file
  • Flexible 3-column layout
  • PHP templating system for ease-of-doing-stuff.

There are 3 color schemes that come pre-coded with this template, and 2 more themes in .psd form. In addition, switching the theme’s colors involves the paint bucket tool and 4 clicks. It’s quick.

The layout has 3 columns, with allowances for all manners of spanning between them. It also features a movable highlighted box in the color of your choice. Be sure to check all the demo pages to see the possibilities.

The entire thing is built on a custom PHP templating system, to make maintenance easier, but it comes with a straight HTML version too.