Fabulous BoroBazar - React Ecommerce Template with Grocery & Food Store

Fabulous BoroBazar - React Ecommerce Template with Grocery & Food Store: Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, Compatible With: ReactJS

BoroBazar is an Ecommerce template based on React, Next, TypeScript & Tailwind. It has 6 home pages, additional pages, settings pages etc. Its very easy to use, we have used React Query for data fetching. You can set up your API endpoints very easily, so you will know how to connect them with your own data. It’s very easy to deploy, we deployed it into vercel with just single command. We have used Tailwind css, it has excellent configuration capabilities. You will be able to overwrite that to use your own style. It’s very fast. Your customer will love using it.

The WordPress version of BoroBazar is also available

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25th October 2022
upgraded to the latest Next.js v12.3.1
react v18 support provided
tailwindCSS v3.2.0 support provided
typescript v4.8.4 support provided
we have upgraded each and every package.
we ensured our components are now strictly typed
1st October 2022
New BoroBazar Ancient Demo.    
Modal issue fixed in the small devices.    
Antique Demo design issue fixed.
5th August 2022
Added new antique demo.
20th February 2022
1. Added refined demo.
2. All packages updated with tailwind Css (^3.0.23).
27th October, 2021
1. Added Shop & Shop Single Page 
2. Updated all packages.
6th October, 2021
1. New Elegant Demo Added.
2. Updated all packages.

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