UPDATED Millenium – Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG

UPDATED Millenium – Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG Created by polcoder. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: About NEW Millenium ThemeMillenium is an elegant and clean responsive theme designed for a fashion stores. However you can use it with a clothes, lingerie and also watches, sports store.Theme is SEO friendly and compatible with all major browsers and devices.Millenium was recoded in last days – now .

You can use this UPDATED Millenium – Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG on Ecommerce category for black and white, clean design, fashion, minimalism, minimalist, modern design and another uses.

UPDATED Millenium - Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG
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About NEW Millenium Theme

Millenium is an elegant and clean responsive theme designed for a fashion stores. However you can use it with a clothes, lingerie and also watches, sports store.
Theme is SEO friendly and compatible with all major browsers and devices.
Millenium was recoded in last days – now it is based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework.

Theme Features

  • Single column home page, product page and checkout
  • 2-column product list page
  • Cool rollover image – check the demo page!
  • New products with carousel mode
  • Viewed products with carousel mode
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • BLOG module
  • Revolution Slider module
  • Product comments section on the homepage
  • Products from the same category with carousel mode
  • Product accessories with carousel mode
  • Detailed documentation for theme installation
  • Totaly redesigned product page with sliding tabs.
  • Quick support


Millenium theme is compatible with Prestashop –
There are no modification in core files.
Future updates will be provided.

UPDATES (detailed information in changelog.txt delivered with theme):

4.0 (03.05.2016)

  • Added Prestashop compatibility
  • Updated modules and most of theme files.

3.9 (07.10.2015)

  • Added Prestashop compatibility
  • Fixed few small bugs in css

3.8 (27.03.2015)

  • Added Prestashop compatibility
  • Fixed missing states on address forms
  • Fixed wrong z-index on manufacturers carousel
  • Fixed bug with 404 page when product not found

3.7 (10.02.2015)

  • Added quick view feature
  • Updated revolution slider module
  • Many changes in styles and code of theme

3.6 (06.10.2014)

  • Added product image zoom module
  • Fixed pack items on product page
  • Fixed “last items” warning display on product page
  • Fixed styling on instant checkout

3.5 (07.07.2014)

  • Updated revolution slider module to the latest version
  • Updated simple blog module to latest version

3.4 (04.06.2014)

  • Ended support for Prestashop 1.5.x
  • Fixed google rich snippets on product page (brand name and price currency)
  • Fixed some translation variables on product page
  • Fixed product miniatures on product page (removed slide effect, now all are visible)
  • Fixed small visual problems on iPad
  • Fixed wrong image name in mancarousel module
  • Fixed problem with image enlargement on product page
  • Fixed wishlist
  • Fixed footer social module
  • Fixed product comparison on product lists
  • Updated blog module to the latest version
  • Updated revolution slider module to the latest stable version

3.3 (01.05.2014)

  • FIXED price issue when product has attributes on Prestashop
  • FIXED images margin on product lists for products with one only image
  • FIXED z-index for shopping cart

3.2 (17.04.2014)

  • Compatibility with Prestashop 1.6.x
  • Fully new framework – Bootstrap 3 – recoded whole theme + modules
  • BLOG module added
  • Revolution Slider module added
  • Manufacturers Carousel module added
  • Simplified installation process – now via Theme import/export module – no need to do it manually

3.1 (19.11.2013)

  • Fixed product comments on product page for PS 1.5.6

3.0 (03.11.2013)

  • Fixed menu visibility on iPad (issue from v2.9).

2.9 (21.10.2013)

  • Only a few files added (mostly GIFs), not neccessary for theme working, only stopped creating some errors in server log file.

2.8 (23.09.2013)

  • improved responsiveness for iPhone
  • fixed visible subcategories (menu) while page reload
  • fixed few translation bugs

2.7 (05.07.2013)

  • fixed unupdating TOTAL price in shopping cart
  • added missing translation variable in footer block newslettert

2.6 (26.05.2013)

  • fixed doubled currency sign in Google Rich Snippets (one file update)

2.5 (18.05.2013)

  • fixed Wishlist management
  • fixed some issues with tables width on Firefox
  • enlarged product images
  • Google Rich Snippets added

2.4 (9.05.2013)

  • updated 5 files (mostly css) causing problems on Safari browsers (desktop)

2.3 (2.05.2013)

  • added ROLLOVER images with nice transition – now you can see the second product picture
  • now installation is much easier and faster

2.2 (11.04.2013)

  • fix for HomeContentbox module (update only for Prestashop 1.5.4)
  • fix for BannerManagermodule (update only for Prestashop 1.5.4)

2.1 (31.03.2013)

  • fix for video slider (AnythingSlider is now responsive)
  • small bug fixes in header.tpl (ssl)

2.0 (18.03.2013)

  • Theme is now RESPONSIVE

1.3 (17.02.2013)

  • Fixed crashing footer in empty shopping cart (file: order-opc.tpl in themes/millenium)
  • Fixed missing product links in New Products module (file: blocknewproducts.tpl in modules/blocknewproducts)
  • Added 2nd level menu in Top Horizontal Menu module (files: blocktopmenu.php, superfish-modified.css, arr_more.gif in modules/blocktopmenu (/css & /img))

1.2 (12.02.2013)

  • New module added Polcoder AnythingSlider for the homepage – slides images and video content from youtube, vimeo, etc.

1.1 (28.01.2013)

  • GRID / LIST view
  • More social icons in footer
  • New social module on product page (AddThis)
  • Add to cart button showing on hoover in Featured Products, New Products & Product List

If you have any problems with theme installation or you just want to contact me please go to the FAQ (Support) tab at first.

Thanks so much!