Super Santa Clause – Jigsaw Puzzle

Super Santa Clause – Jigsaw Puzzle Created by DigiSmile. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Super Santa Clause – Jigsaw Puzzle .

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Super Santa Clause - Jigsaw Puzzle
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About the Game:

Super Santa Clause – Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are an interesting hobby that can be played by people with any ages. So what is better than being able to play this game on your mobile device!
Also the source psd files of this game is included in the package and you can use it for editing the game.

How to Play:

For playing this game, you can use touch in mobile devices or mouse in computers for selecting the letters.


» HTML5 game
» Supports touch
» Works on all HTML5 browsers
» Can be used in mobile devices & websites
» Includes source PSD file for editing the game
» Made with GameMaker Studio
» Auto-Resize (Responsive)

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