Showerma – Presentation Engine For Drupal

Showerma – Presentation Engine For Drupal Created by dexteny. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Showerma project is a set of modules for Drupal 7 that allows to create neat presentations and publish them on your .

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Showerma - Presentation Engine For Drupal
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Showerma project is a set of modules for Drupal 7 that allows to create neat presentations and publish them on your site.

Key features

  • Presentation management dashboard
  • Two presentation design themes
  • Multiple presentations supported
  • Sharing and embedding
  • Well-known keyboard shortcuts
  • Printing to PDF

What do you get?

  • module/ – Showerma modules
  • demo/ – An installation profile that has everything configured and prepared including a demo presentation. It will help you to evaluate and learn Showerma features.
  • docs – Step by step guides in the HTML format on how to use Showerma.


Technical background

Showerma project includes a Presentation views display style plugin that utilizes Shower library. The plugin groups and displays nodes of Showerma Slide content type so that they look like slides of a presentation.The slides are grouped into presentations by a value of the taxonomy term reference field that every slide node has.A custom management dashboard allows to manage presentations smoothly and without much knowledge of Drupal.

No hacks, no patches, everything is implemented in the Drupal way.


Read what the phrase “dexteny does not support this item” actually means.


04/25/2016 - 7.x-2.3-  Fixed bug in Google Analytics integration code (thanks TWhitty)
04/23/2016 - 7.x-2.2-  Hid edit presentation links for anonymous users (thanks TWhitty)-  Fixed incorrect update hook name
04/18/2016 - 7.x-2.1-  Added a public list of all presentations: /presentations-  Fixed a cross-dependency issue and improved module installation 
12/31/2015 - 7.x-2.0-  Added a presentation management dashboard  -  Added support of the Google Analytics module  
10/24/2015 - 7.x-1.0- Initial release

To upgrade from a previous version simply replace files and run /update.php