Quiz Power

Quiz Power Created by arkayapps. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Create your Custom Quiz App. its Too simple, just add your questions and publish, that’s .

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Quiz Power
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Create your Custom Quiz App. its Too simple, just add your questions and publish, that’s it.

Quiz Power is an android quiz app with single question with four answer options. Now you can build your own quiz app by just adding questions and all remaining tasks will be done by app. Best trivia app on Android,

This quiz game temples is easy to re-screen and change questions. Just add your questions on the PHP admin panel or SQlite database that’s it and the game engine will do everything else automatic for you nothing you have to do.

    Android Side:

  • Android Studio Build
  • Quiz play with four answer options.
  • Learning mode so user can learn.
  • Google AdMob Integration with Google Service API.
  • Implement Google Game Service with Leaderboard and Achievement.
  • Save All Score Data on Google Cloud if user uninstalls app or changes then device score will automatically sync on new device.
  • With SQLite Database option for making quiz local without internet connection.
  • All PSD provided so you can change any screen or design anything as you like.
  • All parameter are set customise for change.
  • Check network availability if function require internet connection.
  • Play Over unlimited level.
  • Display your correct and wrong answer with total score.
  • Next level unlock when user gets up to 70% correct.
  • Success and failure message after completing each level
    Admin Side:

  • Easy and Attractive design.
  • Display Total Question.
  • Add/Update and Delete questions it too simple.
  • Add unlimited level on database.
  • Provide JSON service for getting data from mobile.
  • Profile Page for changing username and password.
    You Will Get:

  • Full android source code.
  • Full PHP Source Code for server side to manage quiz.
  • All PSD Designs that will help you to re-screen app
  • Full Document of project that explains step by step process.

Full Source Code will be provides and also written comments on all code for understanding the code

We will provide basic project setup process service free but if you need help to set up game service and cloud setup, and other additional support then that service will be chargeable.

App Video Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LcFmsDzEoc

Admin Panel Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXENvs8i8XE

PHP Admin Panel: http://arkayapps.com/quizpower
User Name: admin@gmail.com
Password: admin#123

Support: support@arkayapps.com

Import and Setup Help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0uXP_Fvdgk
Change Package Name Help: https://youtu.be/zlKYv1FJp70

New version.. 2.6 1. Change Google Game Service because integrated new Google Game services same as Google Cloud storage.2. Implement About and Help button on home screen.3. Now Name display what you enter on Web Console.4. Resolve Miner bug.5. Provide Android Studio version.6. Change answer option button.