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Do you have the knowledge?This is a simple Quiz App. How many questions can you answer?Test your intelligence with QuizApp the fast moving Social General Knowledge Quiz App.The application is fully native, using latest features of Android platform to provide the best user experience.The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.you can create your own application.


Demo Admin Url:


Username: admin
password: admin123

List Of Level:


List of Questions Levelwise


Android Side

  1. Question Display With Level Wise
  2. Items to Unlock by Completing Levels
  3. Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
  4. Over Unlimited Levels
  5. Reset Database
  6. Scoring the Target Points to Level up
  7. Clear all the Levelwise Questions to get a new level
  8. Easy Admin Panel
  9. Check Network Availability
  10. Timewise Point Consider
  11. Share
  12. Admob Integrated
  13. Start App Integrated

Admin Side

  1. Simple and Attractive Admin Panel
  2. Display Total Level and Questions
  3. Easily Add Level and Require Point
  4. Easily Add Question,Options and Answer in Levelwise
  5. Edit and Delete Level and Require Point
  6. Edit and Delete Questions,Options and Answer
  7. Upload Unlimited Level and Questions
  8. Json Service

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full Php Code of Server Side
  3. Android Package hierarchy (that tells which class is used for what)
  4. Full Document with Screen Shot

Application Overview

Change Log


StartApp SDK Updated


Compatible with Android Studio
Add Push Notification.
Add Google Analytic.