Qanaaty – iOS – Youtube Channel With Admob

Qanaaty – iOS – Youtube Channel With Admob Created by EtqanApps. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Qanaaty has features such as Software Version: iOS 7.0.x .

You can use this Qanaaty – iOS – Youtube Channel With Admob on Mobile category for channel, ios, template, youtube and another uses.

Qanaaty - iOS - Youtube Channel With Admob
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  • Ios 7.0.x: iOS 7.0.x
  • None: None
  • .h, .m, .pch, layered psd, javascript js, css, php, html: .h, .m, .pch, Layered PSD, JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, HTML

Current Version



  • Bilingual : You can chose between English or Arabic language that will change all text and ui alignment [docs for more details] .
  • ADS SUPPORTED : You can chose between Ads and non-Ads [docs for more details] .
  • SMART DESIGN: Smart design with flexibility for customization.
  • STORE VIDEOS DATA: Videos’ data will be stored in users device and can be refreshed when ever he want.
  • INCREASE VIEWS: Users will watch your videos via official youtube players, so all videos views will be from only one source.
  • FAVORITES : Allow users to favorite your videos and watch them where and when they want.
  • SHARE : Allow users to share videos with friends via social networks.
  • SEARCH : Users can search for a specific video on your channel.
  • SOCIALIZE : Adding your social networks links on application, will provide a great chance for users to know you more.
  • Templete Requirements :

  • Php hosting for the php files that make the processing.
  • Xcode 5.1.1 for latest
  • Check Examples :


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