Powerup for BTC-e.com – Make Website Great Again: Standard

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Powerup for BTC-e.com - Make Website Great Again: Standard
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                       Powerup for BTC-e.com (Powerup BTCe)
                                  Make Website Great Again

Powerup for BTC-e.com (Powerup BTCe) Powerup for BTC-e.com (Powerup BTCe) is an cool extension that makes you have many better experiments on BTC-e.com. Powerup BTCe really makes BTC-e website great again with many useful tools and great optimizations.

  • Simple, Clean but Useful and Good-Looking Layout: the layout of website is re-designed into better manner to use
  • Chat Enhance: in chatting, you may insert a link, an image, a tweet or an Youtube video directly. Besides, you may also use emoticons, and more controls to your chat
  • Quick Buttons for Selling / Buying coins: just click the buttons for your orders, the extension may help you calculate quickly
  • Caution Level: after typed a percentage level, the extension would alert if you had a mistype, this function is super awesome to prevent you in losing money
  • Open Orders in one place: you may also manage your opening orders in one place, no need to go to profile page
  • Easy Looking for Trade History
  • Your recent history for each coin: especially, this function allows you to see your recent success trades quickly
  • Groups of Your orders: when go to Trade History section, in Profile page; this function shall help you group and calculate all trades, it’s super easy to view

           Powerup BTCe – Night Mode with Enhancing Charts

                               Powerup BTCe – Chat Enhance


          Powerup BTCe – Quick Buy / Sell buttons & Profit / Loss


                              Powerup BTCe – Caution Level

                                   Powerup BTCe – Options


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