Monster Truck Stunts Jump 2

Monster Truck Stunts Jump 2 Created by Dulisa1. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: 1.8 Updated libpng lib for Google Play .

You can use this Monster Truck Stunts Jump 2 on Mobile category for climb, fast, hill, jump, monster, ride, stunts, truck and another uses.

Monster Truck Stunts Jump 2
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  • Android 6.0, android 5.1.x, android 5.0, android 4.4.x, android 4.3.x, android 4.2.x, android 4.1.x: Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0, Android 4.4.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.2.x, Android 4.1.x
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1.8 Updated libpng lib for Google Play Store.

1.7 Added Third Party SDK to work with HeyZap Reward Video Ads.
Update google-play-lib

1.6 Added Reward Video Ad



Update SDK


Monster Truck Stunts Jump 2 is on of those games that is easy to play but hard to master!

The main purpose of game is to be easy flip reskin and highly converting App.

Drive Monster Truck in this awesome game. Jump and be best driver out there!!!

Sometimes you need to lead your Truck front or back to jump and land on the ground!

You will have additional checkpoints icon in game, one for check checkpoints and second one to transport you to next checkpoint. Enjoy!

Left side controls are for back/brake and forward/gas.

Right side controls are made to correct your landing to lean forward or backward.

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Monster Truck Stunts Jump 2


Source code with universal support, Phone and Tablet support.

Game Artwork is included with .PSD file

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  • Admob Interstitial Ads

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  • Import Project into Eclipse or Android Studio.
  • Change Package ID, Version ID, App Name.
  • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app.
  • Change ID for Ad Networks.
  • Update Review Us URL.
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  • Configure Game Center.
  • Export Project and upload to Play Store.

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