Magento 2 Easy Product Enquiry

Magento 2 Easy Product Enquiry Created by xpeedinfotech. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Allow visitors to contact store owner directly from the product details page via a reCAPTCHA protected form to enquire about a .

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Magento 2 Easy Product Enquiry
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Allow visitors to contact store owner directly from the product details page via a reCAPTCHA protected form to enquire about a product.

This extension give customers the opportunity to enquire about a product before purchasing. The product enquiry module extends product details page functionality by adding an extra tab to each of your product details pages. The tab displays a reCAPTCHA protected form which visitors can use to enquire about any specific product. The store owner receives the emails and then respond to the user directly.

The product enquiry is a great extension for stores selling complex, unique or expensive products which a customer may wish to know more information about before checkout.

Key Features

  • Enable/Disable Extension
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Admin will be notified by email
  • Admin can send answer from backend and notify customer via email
  • Admin also able to add new enquiry via backend
  • reCAPTCHA in frontend product enquiry form
  • Allows customers to ask question
  • Add one more tab on product detail page
  • Add “Product Enquiry” button on product detail page
  • Store owner can view all the enquiry
  • Guest customers can send the enquiry
  • Enquire status – open, hold, closed
  • Customizable heading text
  • Custom email template
  • Support Multiple Store – Works perfectly with multiple stores
  • Install With One Click – Installing product enquiry is easy. Avoid the hassle of coding and install the extension with just a click

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