Letters Challenge – HTML5 game (Construct 2 full easy .capx)

Letters Challenge – HTML5 game (Construct 2 full easy .capx) Created by drquochoai. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Letters Challenge is an addicted game with gameplay is using your mouse or touch to quickly find and select the dropping letter as fast as you .

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Letters Challenge - HTML5 game (Construct 2 full easy .capx)
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 Table of Contents

  1. First introduction
  2. Edit levels config (game config.json)
  3. Change game sprite
  4. Export game to other flatform
  5. Sources and Credits

A. First Introduction

Letters Challenge is an addicted game with gameplay is using your mouse or touch to quickly find and select the dropping letter as fast as you can.

Some advanced technique:

The game have 18 levels with settings in “GameConfig.xml” files. The harding of the game is increasing every level.

With golds and gems you collected, you can buy some beautifull skill in the shop

With Construct 2 .capx file of the game, you can add Admob, or any advertisting provider to your game. You can export your game to any flat form like: desktop app, android apk, iOs game, window phone game, google chrome store,…

 B. Edit levels config (game config.json)

You can open “Game config.json” at the files directory in construct 2

Or you can view online at here, or you can download it here

NOTE: do not change the name of the column or your game will not work.

<colgroup> <col width=”100” /> <col width=”100” /> <col width=”100” /> <col width=”100” /> <col width=”100” /> <col width=”100” /> <col width=”241” /> <col width=”100” /> <col width=”100” /> <col width=”54” /> <col width=”49” /> <col width=”53” /> <col width=”122” /> <col width=”54” /> <col width=”44” /> <col width=”125” /> <col width=”416” /> </colgroup> <tbody>



Level: the levels of the game (default is 18 levels)

PointToFinish: how many time player click to true destination letters of each levels to pass the current level

DefaultHealth: healths when start current levels

GameType: not special, just a trash column


  • random1: pick random 1 letter from LETTERS column to set destination letter
  • random2: pick random 2 letter from LETTERS column to set destination letters
  • random3: pick random 3 letter from LETTERS column to set destination letters
  • random4: …
  • random5: …

Win_PlusCoinEveryLeftHealth: the coins bonus with every healths left when you win this level

Example: at level 1 have Win_PlusCoinEveryLeftHealth is 5 mean: when you get PointToFinish (default is 23), you will win level 1, and you have 2 healths left => you will get bonus 10 coins for this 2 healths.

LETTERS: letter will falling in this level. ex: level 1 have LETTERS is A, B, C, D that mean you will only see A, B, C, D is falling every time through this level.

DefaultFallingSpeed: the speed falling when game spawn new letter on the top

HowManyLetterToCreateEveryTime: number of letters spawn to falling every time

RandomSpawnerWave_minTime, RandomSpawnerWave_maxTime: every random from min to max time, spawner will spawn HowManyLetterToCreateEveryTime letters. Not 1 second, or 2 second… it’s random time

RandomRotateSpeedBetween_minusDegree, RandomRotateSpeedBetween_plusDegree: like min and max, when created, letter will have random rotation speed, some rotate faster, some slower. this setting doing that.

PlusScoreWhenTrue: when player click to the DestinationLetter this value will add to Coins, this is coins.

ArrayLetter: this code is auto generate construct 2 array of LETTERS, this need a function in excel to run. The function is in this excel file.

C. Change game sprite

If you are a game designer, you can change sprite easilly. Just a simple touch in construct 2, i should not say too much ^^.

D. Export game to other flatform

Construct 2 have built in export the game, or you can view this video tutorial.

Source: C2Tuts 2D Game Development

E. Sources and Credits

This game is my own idea and my own work to create it. You can do anything with it if you have bought it.
Diamond, health, coins sprite from http://opengameart.org/