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ez Form Calculator PHP
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With ez Form Calculator, you can simply create a form calculator for both yourself and your customers. Easily add basic form elements like checkboxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons etc. with only a few clicks. Each form element can be assigned a value which will be calculated automatically.

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WordPress version

WordPress version also available here.


  • Generate forms with visual drag’n’drop-editor
  • Plugin automatically calculates form values
  • 15 different form elements like dropdown-menus, checkboxes, datepicker etc.
  • Easily add form elements with just one click
  • Drag and drop elements to change their positions
  • Backend verification for increased security
  • File upload
  • PayPal integration
  • Conditional logic
  • Advanced calculation (perform multiple calculations with one field)
  • Email handling with visual editor
  • Import / export forms for easy backup
  • Divide elements into columns
  • Password-protected backend editor

A few examples

Media agencies: customers can submit their needs (like logo creation, websites etc.) directly.

Photography studios: portraits, outdoor or indoor shooting – let your customers decide online.

Event managers: save time by adding basic form elements your customers can choose from.

Freight costs: users can determine their freight costs without searching through an endless table.

Real estate: customers can configure their future house and immediately.

And many more! Increase your customers satisfaction with ez Form Calculator.

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Please see the update guide before updating to a newer version.

v2.8.2.0 - 2015-05-24- Fixed: payment option caused an issue when 'paypal' is selected- Fixed: total price was not shown when using result_values- Fixed: form values were not shown on checkout page and emails- Fixed: discounts were sometimes calculated incorrectly when using the equals-operator- Added: drag'n'drop elements to the desired position- Added: overwrite single option for all forms- Added: price counter animation- Added: 3 new themes (fresh-bordeaux, fresh-green, fresh-turqoise)- Changed: fixed price CSS- Improved backend UI a little- Fixed: when dragging elements around in a form, columns may not be displayed correctly- Fixed: price format in submissions had no effect- Fixed: calculating with date range elements did not take its factor into calculation- Fixed: payment option did not redirect to PayPal- Added: file uploads can now be attached to admin emails- Added: extension support- Added: individual css classes can be set for each form- Added: new theme (slick)- Added: option ?Price scroll top position? to modify the top-position when using fixed price position.- Changed: a few internal WordPress integration routines (js vars were included in every page, falsely)- Fixed: file uploads did not work on some hosts- Fixed: disabled options were saved but displayed incorrectly in the backend- Fixed: removing payment options could cause an error while saving- Fixed: discounts for daterange element- Added: downloadable export data- Added: customization for date- and timepicker elements- Added: is visible / is hidden conditional operators- Added: toggle text/visual editor in HTML elements- Added: elements can now set values conditionally (e.g. check radio button 1 if value > 10)- Added: option to show the price only after request- Added: price preview in backend- Fixed: incompatibility issues with certain plugins / themes (form does not show at all due to Google?s Recaptcha library)- Fixed: checkbox values were not calculated correctly when using simple result output- Fixed: css issue with the default template (radio/checkbox element broke down to 2 lines instead)- Checkout page can now be modified (show / hide submitted values)- Add forms to all products automatically- Added: bitwise operators for conditional elements- Added: elements can be shown/hidden individually in emails- Added: price formatting in emails (decimal numbers, decimal- / thousands-separator)- Added: {{result_values}} placeholder for form values only (without the prices)- Added: inline-styles for elements- Added: PayPal credentials check (on page Help / debug)- Added: form options (checkboxes, radio elements) can now be sorted- Added: shortcut added: add forms directly to posts- Added: .css + .less style templates- Added: HTML elements can now be edited visually- Added: some more templates (nested calculation, checkbox conditional example, tax example)- Changed: theme integration changed ? you can now add/edit css files in the subfolder /ez-form-calculator-premium/themes/. Each *.css file can be used as a theme.- Changed: HTML elements will apply ?the_content? filter from the WordPress core so you can use shortcodes, embeds etc.- Changed: element list now scrolls with window position (fixed position)- Fixed: some forms were exported / imported incorrectly. This is now fixed (probably due to incorrect encoding of HTML elements)- Fixed: conditionally hidden elements that were part of calculations are now skipped if hidden.- Fixed: class had no effect for image element- Fixed: subtotals calculation fixed (only relevant when not using the ?equals? operator as the first one in a calculation set)- Fixed: options were sometimes added incorrectly when importing forms- UI performance improvements- Added: custom regular expressions for input fields- Added: simple result table: instead of {{result}}, write {{result_simple}} ? this does not display calculations (useful for sending emails to customers)- Changed: tooltips are positioned to the left of elements- Fixed: disabled option for dropdowns, checkboxes and radio elements ? useful when you want a have a dropdown like ?Please choose one of the following? without pre-selecting an option.- Fixed: duplicated forms are now duplicated correctly in terms of calculated targets.- Fixed: discount values were not calculated properly in certain cases.- Fixed: validating numbers may have been wrong sometimes- Fixed: payment option now works correctly.- Fixed: scroll to the top of the form when using steps- Fixed: some PayPal errors- Fixed: multiple conditional forms with hidden elements could not be submitted. This is now fixed with the new hidden-value ?Conditional hidden?, see: http://www.ezplugins.de/ez-form-calculator-v2-7-0-hotfix-v2-7-1/- Optimized: form import performance.- Added: SMTP can now be used to send emails- Added: date range element ? counts the days in between two dates- Added: subtotal elements can now show the price only instead of an input field- Added: duplicate form elements in the backend- Fixed: the plugin does not work correctly on some webservers (relative / absolute include paths).- Fixed: due to a bug, only 1 image could be attached to a form. This is now fixed.- Modified: backend view now uses the full browser width- Added: slider compatibility with mobile devices- Fixed: forms with hidden elements (or hidden by conditional elements) could not be submitted due to new browser restrictionsv2.6.2 - 2014-12-15- Adapted version number to synchronize with WordPress version- Added: timepicker element- Added: datepicker languages- Added: form steps (divide form into multiple steps for better overview)- Added: discounts for each element- Added: debug mode (you should not set this to ?enabled? in production)- Added: get value from an external element in the DOM. Useful when using multiple forms on one page which should be calculated from one single, external input field.- Added: description tooltips for frontend elements- Added: MailChimp integration (add email to subscriber list upon submission)- Added: minimum price submit value (default is now 0)- Added: PHP hooks (see documentation)- Compatibility added for PHP Version < 5.3 (MailChimp integration caused an error on some environments)- Added: calculate with power (the math function, that is :))- Added: conditional fields can now be toggled not to execute the counter action (show / hide elements)- Added: redirect user to a page after submission- Added: payment element (users can choose to pay via paypal or just submit the form ? do not change the value ?paypal? in the element options)- Added: number fields can now be displayed as slider- Fixed: PayPal payment not detected when using the Payment element- Fixed: email texts in the default WordPress editor were not saved- Fixed: element values in emails which are being replaced could cause an error and stop users from submitting- Fixed: if you have two similar values in a dropdown/radio/checkbox element, the plugin was unable to determine the user?s choice. This is fixed as of v2.6.0- Fixed: number factors were not calculated properly in the backend- Fixed: sender name in emails- Fixed: minimum submission value- Fixed: unable to submit form when using ReCaptcha in certain cases- Fixed: importing forms with elements containing HTML code was not possible in some environments- Fixed: encoding issues- Fixed: large forms could not be saved due to PHP limitations (the function ?parse_str? failed due to too many form elements)- Fixed: required char text will not be displayed when no text was entered- Improved: UI loads faster when working with a large form- Fixed: required fields could be submitted with no value selected- Fixed: conditional fields routine changed (it was not possible to determine the users? choices before ? now,only the selected fields will be posted)- Fixed: files were not shown in emails ? use {{files}} in email texts to show submitted files- Fixed: backend calculation was wrong in specific cases (when overriding prices as of the last update)- Fixed: currency position was not applied when forms are calculated- Fixed: calculation / conditional target elements ?disappeared? after importing / exportig forms