Ethority – One Page eBook Landing

Ethority – One Page eBook Landing Created by gdthemes. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Ethority is a clean landing page perfect for selling yourebooks. It is designed to easily show off all of your ebook’s features inone page so that your customers don’t have to look for .

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Ethority - One Page eBook Landing
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Ethority is a clean landing page perfect for selling yourebooks. It is designed to easily show off all of your ebook’s features inone page so that your customers don’t have to look for it.

Customizing Ethority to fit your needs can never be easier. Sections can bereordered, colors changed and more thanks to WordPress. It also comes withblog!

NEW: v1.2.0!

It’s been almost a year since the launch of Ethority and a lot of old code has been cleaned up and refactored using current techniques. Please update it as soon as you can.

NEW: Subscribe Section – You can now add a subscribe section (requires Mailchimp) through the theme options.

NEW: Background color settings – You can now change the background color of each section to any color you want!


  • Looks good on any device.
  • Clean simple modern design.
  • One page full width layout.
  • Fully animated.
  • Advanced theme options panel.
  • Easily customizable animation effects.
  • Contact form 7 plugin integration.
  • Clean coding.
  • Documentation included.
  • Translation ready.

*This theme does not support sub menus.


1.2.7===================Fixed - Testimonial order appearing wrongly.1.2.6===================Fixed - Styling issues with description when shortcode is used.Fixed - Logo isn't aligned properly for the mobile version.Changed - Overview section: Content item title and description now aligns center for the mobile version.Fixed - Overview section: Content items not flowing properly at certain screen sizes.Fixed - Author section: Layout distorted when no profile image set.1.2.5===================Fixed - Videos are now responsive.Updated - FontAwesome Icons to the lastest version - Images showing error box if left empty (Firefox).1.2.3===================Fixed - Price table button not showing if link is left empty.Added - Documentation updated with FAQ section.1.2.2===================Fixed - Sample product image option leaves an empty image tag if left blank.Fixed - Typo error for menu height option title.Fixed - Header height bigger than it should be at times.Fixed - Menu height overflowing the top section.1.2.1===================Fixed - Blog page title not changing.1.2.0===================Removed - `eth-print-optons.php` file.Added   - `eth-js.php` file which stores theme option JS.Fixed   - Minor heading styling issues.Fixed   - Major code refactoring and cleanup based on current techniques.Added   - New theme option section, Header.Added   - New theme option section, Subscribe (requires Mailchimp).Added   - Theme option logo image height.Added   - Theme option menu height.Added   - Theme option background image color in each section.Changed - Theme option logo image upload setting moved to Header section.1.1.4===================Added - You can now select a media type (image or embed) for the home section.Fixed - CTA section ID setting now works.Fixed - Image link setting displaying error on front end when left blank in the overview section.Fixed - Styling issues with the overview items and pricing tables.1.1.3===================Added   - New option under ‘Home’ to change image position of Home section.Added   - Open link in a new tab option for sample product (Overview Section).Added   - Styling if there’s only 1 price table.Changed - ‘eth-colors.php’ file changed to ‘eth-css.php’.Fixed   - Typo for ‘Disable animations on when viewed on mobile’. Missing ‘e’.1.1.2===================Fixed - Download sample button now aligns to centre regardless of text length.Fixed - Elements not appearing on some animations.1.1.1===================Updated - FontAwesome 4.3.Added - You can now remove the stars ratings in the Testimonial section by leaving the option empty.empty.Added - Option to open social links in new tab or same window in the Footer section.Fixed - Directory to translation files were not correct.1.1.0===================All elements with links will not display anything when urls are left blank in Theme Options.Added - You can now add custom CSS/JS in the General settings section.Added - You can now disable/enable animations when view on mobile (as animation does not appear as pretty) in the General settings section.Fixed - Extra scrollbar appears while scrolling up and down for some animations.Fixed - Label of price tables is now correct.Fixed - Animations of price tables not working correctly.Fixed - Disable/enable text displaying on Home Section.1.0.9===================Fixed overflowing width of container on mobile browser (Safari).Fixed animation display issue for purchase section.Fixed FontAwesome loading older version despite having a newer version installed.Fixed blog comments not being able to post properly.Updated FontAwesome to the latest version - 4.2.0.Made options child theme ready.1.0.8================FIX: Links not working in SAFARI and IOS.1.0.7================Menu not displaying on large screens when resized after being closed on mobile screens.Updated animate.css to the latest version.FlexSlider used in the Review Section has been replaced with Owl Carousel 2.Added a Full Width Page template for pages.Theme now translation ready. Added /languages containing .po file.Fixed: Menu bug which duplicates (unclickable and unselectable) while scrolling up and down only on Chrome.1.0.6================Fixed Overview Section where the content list sometimes breaks after 4 items.1.0.5================Cta buttons can now detect if it's linking to an outside page or within page.Landing page now supports shortcodes.FontAwesome fonts updated to 4.1.0.*Added new option for 'Overview Section' - Image Link.*Added Google Analytics option under ‘Generals’ section.1.0.4================Menu item active class not working properly when clicked.FlexSlider causing a weird menu flicker on Chrome.1.0.3================Fixed navigation flicker when clicked.Fixed body tag class for landing page template.1.0.2================Fixed CSS of responsive menu where the navigation does not slide below.1.0.1================Fixed landing page 'Footer' section 'Subtitle' option (section-footer.php).