Dental Clinic Appointment System

Dental Clinic Appointment System Created by comestoarra-labs. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Dental Clinic Appointment System (DCAS) is an application developed specifically for appointment management in professional dental .

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Dental Clinic Appointment System
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Dental Clinic Appointment System v.1.0 (March 2nd, 2016)

Dental Clinic Appointment System (DCAS) is an application developed specifically for appointment management in professional dental clinic.

Features in this application are:
1. Dentist Managers.
2. Patient Managers.
3. Appointment Managers.
4. Appointment Calendars ( integrated with fullcalendar ).
5. Dentist can set their own time table for dental practice schedule.
6. All users (Dentist, Patient, Receptionist / Admin) have their own spesific dashboard views.
7. Appointment time slots are accurate based on the schedule for dentists.
8. Audit Trails feature which record every user’s activity in the system.
9. User auth control & Role managers.
10. Mailbox system, ability to send direct message to dentists and/or patients.
11. And many more features which made this system very useful to facilitate your business. As for features addition in the future will be done regularly, and please feel free to give feedback for addition or correction to this system.

This application used SLIM PHP framework, Twig templating engine, and Laravel Eloquent which is very flexible, so that you can easily customize if needed.

We will help you if you got problem in installation process, please contact us anytime ( or via codecanyon contact form) and I will process in 8 PM – 10 PM time span (GMT + 7) everyday.


DEMO – PHP 5.5x

Link :

For Super Admin : username // pass => demo // 12345678
For Dentist : username // pass => dentist // 12345678
For Patient : username // pass => patient // 12345678

*notes : some features are disabled for demo purposes !

CHANGELOG v.1.1 – PHP 5.5x – MYSQL 5.7.+ (April 1st, 2016)

1. [FIXED] user last_failed_login count and set last_failed_login date2. [FIXED] appointment date cannot be blank - Appointment Form @ Dashboard3. [UPDATED] language array twig parser4. [FIXED] check existence for translation lang file, from session or DEFAULT_LANGUAGE constant value5. [UPDATED] added Base Twig Layout for Auth modules (login, signup, register, forgot, reset)6. [FIXED] MySQL 5.7.5+ changed the way GROUP BY behaved in order to be SQL99 compliant (where in previous versions it was not). [SettingModel : getBrowserStatistics]7. [FIXED] Trying to get property of non-object