DB to PHP class generator

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DB to PHP class generator
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Short Description

With this script you can automatically generate data access layer-classes for tables of a MYSQL database! It generates a php class-file on your server. It enables you inserting, deleting, updating and selecting records from a database table via class methods! Only select table, define class name and press button “generate class”! Features

  • Generate Data Access Layer Classes in PHP for MYSQL Tables
  • Select Table, insert class name, press button “generate class”
  • One single and central definition of MYSQL access data for all classes!
  • Generates automatically set and get Methods for all Attributes
  • Generates automatically Methods for Inserting, Updating, Deleting and Selecting!


  • Download the archive and decompress it to your drive!
  • Under directory “resources” open the file “class.database.php”
  • Change the parameters “user”, “password” and “database” to your access data, save file!
  • Upload all files to your server!
  • Change rights of directory “generated_classes” with 0777 permission