Barbello: Fitness App for Android

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Barbello: Fitness App for Android
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Download and try the demo of this app before purchase on Google Play.

What’s new in Barbello v2.1 (Updated November 11th 2015)

  • Build in latest Android Studio (1.4.1)
  • Support Marsmallow (API 23)
  • Update gradle with latest (2.4) and Plugins Version (1.3.0)
  • Update additional libraries to the latest version
  • Fix error issue when imported to Android Studio
  • Fix other bugs..

Barbello: Fitness App for Android

Barbello is a fitness app template for Android that suitable for fitness app or workout app. Barbello is designed with the latest design trend, Google Material Design that is simple and beautiful. It is easy to customize. Data of the app are stored in SQLite database within the application. You can insert sequence images so that the workout images will be generated into single animated image to make it easy for your app users follow the workout steps. Users can create their own workout program for each days.

If you are a workout trainer or just want to create fitness app? This app is perfect for you to start building your apps. It also integrated with two formats of Admob, banner and interstitial ad for monetizing purpose.

Barbello Features

  • Android Studio Project
    Barbello is built using the latest technology of Android development tools, Android Studio.
  • Google Material Design
    Material design is new feature of Android 5.0 that brings many improvement in android UI such as toolbar, recyclerview, floating action button, etc. You can experience material design UI in Barbello.
  • SQLite Database
    By storing workout data in SQLite database within the application, your users do not need to connect to the internet in order to access recipes information.
  • Run on Smartphone and Tablet
    The app is fully responsive and can run well on both Smartphone and Tablet.
  • Admob Integration
    Two formats of Admob ad, banner ad and interstitial ad are integrated within the Barbello that will help you boost your income through ads.
  • Workout Programs
    User can create their own workout programs. they can add any workouts to any days they like.
  • Categorized Workouts
    Workouts data are organised into category so that user can easily find the workouts.
  • Animated Workout Images
    When you insert sequence images the images will be converted into single animated image. It helps users understand the workout.
  • Count Down Timer
    All workouts in workout programs can be play automatically. Text-to-speech will tell user when to start, what workout that will come next, and congrats you when you finish doing the workouts. Break time is also set between workouts.
  • Share to Other Apps
    When finished doing workouts, you can share it to other app such as Facebook, Twitter, Message, Email, etc.
  • Easy to Customize
    Well documented user guide is included within the downloaded package to help you easily configure and customize the app.

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Change Log

Version 2.1 – November 11th, 2015

- Build in latest Android Studio (1.4.1)- Support Marsmallow (API 23)- Update gradle with latest (2.4) and Plugins Version (1.3.0)- Update additional libraries to the latest version- Fix error issue when imported to Android Studio- Fix other bugs..

Version 2.0 – September 17th, 2015

- Update app user interface with material design.- Improve stopwatch/count down timer with circular bar, text-to-speech, start time, and break time between workouts.- Change app icon and splash screen logo.- Add sample data.- Improve Admob by adding interstitial ad format and load ad in background.- Add image loader to load workout images in background.- Update user guide.- Fix some minor bugs.

Version 1.1 – July 29th, 2013

- update documentation file, add full explanation about installing android development tools and add some missed steps


Sample images which used in this preview and demo app are from the following sources: