B2J Aquarius Product Zoom Pro

B2J Aquarius Product Zoom Pro Created by bang2joom. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Let’s zoom your .

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B2J Aquarius Product Zoom Pro
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Let’s zoom your products!

Very lightweight and highly customisable Joomla zoom plugin for Virtuemart and redSHOP!

B2J Aquarius Product Zoom for VirtueMart and redSHOP is a super customisable plugin. With the help of the jQuery based plugin the Joomla! users are able to magnify an image to have a more detailed view of the image. It has got responsive layout for mobile and iPad/iPhone touch. And it is compatible with Joomla 2.5+ versions.

Gallery has also additional images with slider. The image becomes the main image on mouse click and gets zoom hover. This super customisable plugin allows you to give custom parameters both for the zoomed variant of the image and for the zoom box.

Super responsive B2J Aquarius Product Zoom Plugin has two modes: Container mode and Fullscreen mode.

When you hover the image on product page, the box appears with the zoomed variant of the selected product image in Container mode. The zoom box can be displayed wherever you want it to be: left, right, bottom or top. When you hover on images in Fullscreen mode, the fullscreen icon appears and on mouse click, it opens the zoomed variant in fullscreen. In this mode, you can also see the additional images with nice sliding effects, again, wherever you choose them to be located.

Documentation: http://www.bang2joom.com/documentations/b2j-aquarius-product-zoom-proSupport: http://www.bang2joom.com/Forum/bang2joom-aquarius-product-zoom-pro